Life away from the screen![Part-1]

Roberto Narain, Vasundhara Das and team
Djembe. The instrument that we play ;)
  1. Tapaswini Pathak — an avid quora contributor, Open source enthusiast, A strong women who contributes to the Linux Kernal, an Outreachy intern.
  2. Gopalkrishna Vishwanath — A famous quoran. Who is known for his s signature GV, simple, long answers. About his experiences, structural engineering, language translations etc. BITS, pilani graduate and IIT, Roorkee post graduate. Who is engineer at heart. Eldest amongst all who come by, he silently sits in a corner under the tree, with a smile always on his face. And keeps on writing the names of all the people who joined in. Just for the record. :)
The best best meetup amongst all the one’s I was part of

Higginbothams, since 1897

One of the most famous and oldest bookstores on MG Road Bangalore, Higginbothams. Overjoyed, by quora meetup experience. I thought to head home walking and exploring everything which I come across on the way. Enjoying the Bangalore weather I decided to head back to the bus stop walking. On the way, I came across this amazing old Bookstore. Which got renovated on the same day. Someone who still enjoys reading books instead of e-books. Bookstores appear to be a good place to go. Architecture of the whole store the old way. I stepped inside. To my amazement. For inauguration of the store after renovation famous author of Shiva Trilogy, Amish Tripathi was there.

A place for peaceful long long walks.
Paradise Biryani, Indiranagar
In a quest to make outdoors beautiful!
Greenery, roses and a beautiful lake
View showing what’s inside the meseum



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Mridu Bhatnagar

Mridu Bhatnagar


Honest, straight from the heart things. I care about, bother about, think about, I experience. I share them here. This has a purpose behind.