[Tech] List of Remote Internship Opportunites mostly to Open Source Projects …

  1. Learn IT Girl — A 3 months internship program. Where mentees can only be women. While anyone can be a mentor. Have a project idea? Need guidance in execution? Apply.
    How it Works- (For Mentees)
    Mentees need to fill one application form which asks for details like.
    a. Programming experience
    b. Project Idea
    c. Why do you want to participate in Learn IT Girl?
    d. Project Timeline.
    And some more questions. Based on the submissions. Final shortlisting is done. This offers a one-on-one internship opportunity. By the end of 3 months if you are able to complete the project. They send you a certificate, along with some swags.
    (For Mentors)
    Out of all the submitted project ideas. Mentors decide on which ones to pick. And Mentor. Selection is based on shortlisting.
    More Details — https://www.learnitgirl.com/
  2. RGSoC( Rails Girls Summer of Code) — A 3-month internship program. To encourage more women in tech.
    How it Works -
    a. Participants apply as a Team. A team of 2 members.
    b. Submit a project — Open Source projects, as well as smaller projects having volunteers interested in mentoring, can submit there project. Post this final projects are shortlisted.
    c. Each project has 4–5 dedicated mentors. Mentoring the team.
    More Details — https://railsgirlssummerofcode.org/
    Twitter — https://twitter.com/RailsGirlsSoC
  3. Outreachy — A 3-month full-time remote internship. Happens twice in a year. Some amazing open source organizations participate. Like Mozilla, Linux Kernal, OpenStack, Fedora, Debian, Git etc.
    How it Works —
    a. Make contributions to the project.
    b. Submit the proposal.
    Paid Internship Opportunity.
    More Details — https://www.outreachy.org/
  4. Girls Script Summer Of Code — Open to all irrespective of the gender. There are prizes and rewards instead of stipend. Help others to contribute to the project, or contribute yourself. Make a choice.
    More Details — https://www.gssoc.tech/projects.html
  5. Google Summer of Code(GSoC) — The most well-known programs, majorly all organizations participate, earn a stipend, mentorship, exposure.
    More Details — https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/
  1. Open Source Help Community — Have Queries? Ask those who participated before.
    Slack Channel https://opensourcehelp.slack.com/messages/C35TA3PM3/
    Facebook Page —
  2. Other Open Source Opportunities —



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